Patrick Laub

Patrick Laub is born in Vienna, the son of a fashion designer and a manager. Thanks to the close relationship to his US relatives, he grew up bilingually. During his schooldays at the GRG 1 Stubenbastei, he became a professional tennis player and was always one of Austria's top players in his age group. Even at an early age, in addition to the sporting talent, an enthusiasm for entertainment and acting is noticeable. After completion of his Matura and the completion of his military service, he began  a diploma study of law, but he broght off because of his journalistic work at ORF. He has been part of the ORF sports editorial team since 2015 and is used as an interviewer and recording manager for various programs. Trained as a TV presenter and speaker, he works as an event moderator in addition to his employment in television. He leads through events of all kinds, in German and English.